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Customer Features

Mobile Friendly

Modern websites that will fit on your mobile devices for easy ordering anytime.

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True Multi Store

Use different domains per store that you own using one database. Each database will follow your designated url.

Easy Search & Navigation

Searching and navigating through the sites are easy with filters, advanced filters, and easy search modules.

Customer Attributes

Create extra customer attributes that fit your store such as birthdays and more!

Sliders & Banners

Easy to use and update customer banners on the homepage or any page that you want to use a banner. No programming knowledge needed.

Sales Tax & Rates

Multiple sales tax programs included in eStoreware fromr taxcloud to special tax rates per customer.

Export Customers

Export your customer database for offline use.

Unlimited Customers

eStoreware allows for an unlimited number of customers in each webstore.

Content Management

Create custom pages within your web store with no programming knowledge needed.

Custom Price Levels

Custom pricing is available to different customers or customer roles.

Wish Lists

Customers can add as many items as they like to each wish list.

Multiple Addresses

Customers can have multiple shipping addresses in their accounts.

Unlimited Products

Each website product database has the ability to have unlimited products based on how many you load or your vendor has.

Multiple Languages

Need different languages? We can preload other languages to your web store if you need something other than English.

Earn Reward Points

Customers can accumulate and use points during checkout for an extra incentive for buying more.

Social Logins

Utilize the social networks for allowing customers to login to their account. Web stores can link to the customers Facebook account.

Rich Blogs & News Updates

Update customers with informative blogs and news updates that easily integrates within your web store.

Custom Shipping Rates

Create a custom shipping rate based on rules or per customer basis.