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Mobile Friendly

A responsive mobile webstore is a must for any only business owner these days, as 82% of smartphone users to decide to buy something while surfing the internet on their smartphones.


Allows you to run more than one store from a single eStoreware database. Host multple stores stores on different domains utilizing a single administration.


A plethora of promotions are available such as discounts, reward points, pop-ups, abandoned cart, price match, sales campaigns, and even newsletters to help boost sales!


Search engine friendly URLs, Sitemaps, Microdata, localizable URLs for different languages/countries, Facebook login, and Google Analytics integrations are readily built in.


Start and grow your successful online business with eStoreware. We provide you with all the necessary for that.


We will upload your specified vendor of products as you also have the ability to upload your own items as well. Manage several stores from one admin panel, and increase sales with built-in marketing tools.


Every year, we will try to update your store with a new version of eStoreware. As the latest technologies and development trends change, the results will be an increase in platform performance, security, and stability. Currently, eStoreware is running on the last Microsoft .net Core 3.1 framework. Highly scalable and more secure compared to our competitors that are still running PHP or non-Microsoft frameworks..

Product Features

eStoreware has product attributes, product comparisons, stock management, prices, downloadable products and more cabilities such as:.

  • Rental products, recurring products, product taags, return management, multiple images per product, featured products, sale products or new productsonsequat.
  • Conditional product attributes, and product specs fully loaded.

Advance Checkout

eStoreware supports two types of checkout used in most modern webstores:

  • Anonymous checkout allows customers to checkout without creating an account. Many customers prefer this option as it allows them to finish the purchase quicker.
  • One-page checkout dramatically reduces the steps required in the checkout process and also helps to increase revenue and conversion rates by making the checkout easier for customers.
  • Checkout attributes. At the checkout you can provide customers with various options. For example. you can gift wrap products or personalize with messages.

Multilingual and Multicurrency Support

eStoreware allows stores to have multiple languages and multiple currencies on each web store..

  • Multilingual: Nearly almost any different language is supported via the website admin and if its not supported, we can add it. Customers will see different language options via a drop down menu selection within the header
  • Multicurrency: Auto currency conversion is available for some currencies and others can be manually updated at any time. Customers will see different currency options via a drop down menu selection within the header..

PCI Compliant

Each web store passes PCI compliance demand and security in the ever changing world. Since our platform is built on the latest framework from Microsoft, your site will have the latest security upgrades..

We fully support most kinds of SSLs installed by us and is required by the payment industry as we offer many available payment gateways/platforms to use with the software. Such as Paypal, Stripe, 2checkout, and more.

Launching eStoreware 3.0 -Thursday, October 15, 2020
Welcome to eStoreware 3.0! We are now mobile friendly which means it will work on your cell phones, tablets, any device!